Cityscape Panorama Project

The Cityscape Panorama Project began in 1992 when I decided to start recording the changing fabric of Denver’s "built environment". Initially, I walked around downtown and took snapshots of 160 possible locations. I wanted my pictures to represent the variety of styles and moods that define the look of Denver. Eventually, I narrowed my selection to forty views.

In 1997 and 2002, I returned to these same vantage points and repeated the shots. I chose to use a panoramic camera, because I have always enjoyed looking at extra wide images. I will continue repeating the shots every five years for the foreseeable future. Eventually, I plan to arrange for the project to be carried on into future generations. And currently, I am very interested in communicating with others who are involved with similar projects.

The Cityscape Panorama Project is partly historic, partly scientific and partly aesthetic. It is one individual’s take on a pretty broad subject and reflects my interests in architecture, light and the
preservation of memory.

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